The following terms apply for all complete and correct paperwork received by 5pm ESDT.








1-Business Day




*3-Business Days (Spot Rate)




Paid on Regulator Approval (normally 10-20 Business days)




20-Business Days (subject to regulator approval)

Xmas Trading - Our office will be closed from 4pm Friday 20/12/2019 and reopen 9am Monday 06/01/2020. As a result the first payment date in the New Year will be Thursday 09/01/2020 (the last payment date for 2019 will be Monday 23/12/19 from electronic installer submissions submitted by Wednesday 18/12/2019). Applications for systems >50kW received after Thursday 21/11/19 (and serials not validated under the Solar Validation Program - SPV) will be paid upon regulator approval (which in some cases may not be until early January 2020). (Where the serials have been validated under SPV, and system owners can be contacted for audit, payments will still be processed per normal timeframes). For systems >50kW please ensure your system owners are contactable for audit over this Dec/Jan period.

INSTALLER (ELECTRONIC LODGEMENTS) means PV documentation and photos submitted electronically using our FormBay Client Portal with data gathered and serials scanned at the installation site utilising the FormBay Solar App to allow serials to be validated under the Solar Validation Program. Also includes all installer SHW & HP submissions where geotagged photos of new tank serial and model number and photos showing system installed are supplied.

INSTALLER (MANUALY LODGEMENT) means PV documentation and photos submitted manually by email, fax or mail. Also means documentation and photos uploaded to our FormBay Client Portal without utilising the FormBay Solar App to collect the photos and scan the serials at the installation site to allow validation under the Solar Validation Program.

*Commercial Solar Systems >50kW: Payment terms in some instances may be extended to pay on approval due to audit timeframe required by the CER or where serials not validated under the Solar Validation Program.

Conditions for Installer Trading Terms: To qualify for these terms, you must be a business registered with a proven history operating in the relevant industry  and have a valid ABN. Trade In Green reserve the right to extend the payment terms for certificate claims involving warranty work or replacing of existing panels, certificate claims on the installers own property, install date greater than 10 months before we receive paperwork (& no more than 12-months), jobs previously failed by the regulator or if we have any concerns regarding validity of certificate assignment . In these cases payment will be when STCs/VEECs are approved by the regulator.

STC and VEEC Trading Terms and Conditions