If you don't want to take the risk with the spot trading price, why not lock in a forward STC price so you know what you are going to get paid. You don't need to lock in all your STCs, you can just decide on volume and period then we can give you a price.

To lock in a price you will need to consider the volume of STCs per month, period you want to lock the price and quantity.


  1. When quoting jobs you know what STC discount to apply 
  2. If the STC market drops you are not affected
  3. Standard Three (3) Business day payment terms apply


  1. If the STC price goes higher you only receive your Lock In Price 
  2. The volume you lock in needs to be delivered (penalties apply)

Remember you don't need to lock in all your STCs! You may decide to lock in 60% and put the other 40% on spot to remove any risk of not meeting the volume. The choice is yours.

When you lock in a price a contract is entered into between Trade In Green and yourself. This ensures security for both parties on price, delivery and payments.

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