The Clean Energy Regulator (CER) define the Clearing House as:

“The STC Clearing House facilitates the exchange of small-scale technology certificates (STCs) between buyers and sellers at the fixed price which is currently $40 (excl.GST) and is accessible via the REC Registry. The STC Clearing House works on a Surplus/Deficit basis. When the STC Clearing House is in Surplus there are more sellers than buyers and the seller's STCs are added to the end of the STC Clearing House Transfer List. STCs are sold from the STC Clearing House Transfer List on a first-in-first-served basis. When the STC Clearing House is in Deficit there are more buyers than sellers and so a seller's STCs will be sold immediately”.

How can Trade In Green help you?

Registered STCs in the Clearing House?

We buy registered STCs from the Clearing House and pay next business day. Refer our Pricing page under registered STCs for a price or contact us on 1300 894 799 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Unregistered STCs

If you have recently installed a system (and haven't registered the STCs yet) and want to wait and sell your STCs through the registry Clearing House or just wait until the price improves  - let us know and we will place the STCs in the clearing house for you.

If STCs sell through the clearing house we pay you $2.00 below the clearing house sale price.

If you decide to sell the STCs on the market (prior to them selling through the clearing house), the price you get is the Unregistered STC price listed in the  pricing page of this website. You dont pay any fees!

Example: If we received your completed assignment form 23 July 2017 we would register the STCs & notify you of their lodgement. If the STCs were to sell through the clearing house sometime in the future and the clearing house price remains at $40.00, you would be paid $38.00 excl GST. If you decide to sell the STCs prior to them being sold in the clearing house, the rate we pay you is the price listed in the Certificate Pricing page for unregistered STCs on the day you inform us you wish to sell. Payment is made into your nominated bank account in 5-10 business days. You need to send through an email confirmation that you wish to sell and confirm your bank account details.

Simply tick the Clearing House nomination box in the payment section on the STC Assignment form.

A word of warning! - If you want to sell your STCs through the Clearing House, be prepared, as you may need to wait some time depending on time of year and/or quantity already waiting in the Clearing House.  Most of our customers elect to withdraw them and sell on the market per above terms prior to them being sold in the Clearing House

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