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Are you entering inverter serial numbers correctly when claiming STCs?

The Clean Energy Regulator (CER) reminds agents, retailers, and installers of the requirement to supply accurate inverter serial number information when completing small-scale technology certificate (STC) applications.

As part of changes which commenced on 1 April 2022, inverter serial numbers must be supplied to the CER for each inverter installed when submitting an application for STCs. These serials are then cross-checked against manufacturer/importer supplied information.

The CER has identified a number of common errors with inverter serial number information currently being provided, including:

  • Instances where the incorrect serial number for the inverter model and number has been scanned (a barcode on the packaging box or cargo manifest has been scanned instead of the serial number on the inverter).
  • Serial numbers that are not unique and accurate for the inverter model listed.
  • The number of serial numbers entered does not match the number of inverters installed. For example, two serial numbers entered where only one inverter was installed).
  • Serial numbers that are modified (such as scientific notation) as part of a bulk upload file.

Agents, retailers and installers must ensure accurate serial number information is supplied to avoid delays in processing STC applications. Upon request, you will be required to provide information, such as a photograph of the serial number to demonstrate that the inverter serial(s) are correct. Similar to the existing requirement to confirm the accuracy of serial numbers entered in for PV modules.

It is highly recommended that this photo of the inverter serial number is taken at the time of installation, as information requested by the CER may include a clear photo of the inverter serial number, or other forms of evidence. Failure to provide evidence that the inverter serial number is correct may result in failure of your claim for STCs.

Visit our website for more information on Phase 1 changes to the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme and Document requirements for small-scale systems.

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