Changes to FormBay for  PV Installs form 1 April 2022

The CER have new requirements for all STC applications with installs from Friday 1st April 2022.  

We have worked hard to make the changes as smooth as possible, to not affect your normal Formbay workflow.  

However, it is important that you are aware of the changes to the new statements on the STC form and the new submission process.  

Updated STC Assignment Form 

The CER have updated the statement that CEC Installers and Designers sign as part of the STC form. 

  • Please make sure your installers and designers read the statement before they sign.  
  • No extra steps, just sign as usual using the Formbay app.  

New declaration form on the Formbay Solar App 


For more information about these changes and your requirements as an installer or retailer – click here.  

New Retailer Statement 

When submitting an STC form to Formbay via your portal, the user that clicks the submit button will be required to agree to a ‘Retailer Statement’. 

  • This user will need to be an authorised user for the business, which you can set up via the teams section in your Formbay portal.  
  • We recommend that all users of your Formbay account be registered as authorised users via the Teams section. This will be the main point of contact for the CER should they wish to audit the retailer directly.  

New solar retailer statement on the Formbay trading portal 


For more information about the Clean Energy Regulators new ‘retailer statement’ — click here

New On-Site Data Requirement 

The inverter serial number is now mandatory. 

  • The installer will need to scan the inverter’s serial onsite via the Formbay app.  
  • Most Formbay app users scan the inverter serial anyway, we don’t expect this to be a significant change to the app’s workflow.  

Capture inverter serials via the Formbay Solar app 


For more information about the Clean Energy Regulators new ‘retailer statement’ — click here

Frequently Asked Questions  

Where can I check who is an authorised user?  

You can review your user profile by going into the “Teams” tab. Authorised users will have a green Authorised badge under their account name.  



What should I do if I’m not authorised?  

If you are not Authorised to submit forms and you believe you should be authorised to submit on behalf of your company, contact your Account Administrator.  

I am an Account Administrator. How do I get my Team ready for 1st of April?  

Ensure every person who accesses Formbay has their own username and password to login.  

You can nominate who within the business has the authority to submit jobs to Formbay and agree to the retailer statement.