source: Clean Energy Regulator

Changes to the deeming period from 1 January 2021

The Clean Energy Regulator would like to remind all registered agents and persons about the upcoming changes to the deeming period under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES).

The deeming period for solar PV systems decreases by one year for all systems installed after 1 January 2021 as outlined on the deeming period decline page on our website. For systems installed in 2021 the deeming period is a maximum of 10 years, one year less than the 11 years for systems installed in 2020. This change will reduce the number of small-scale technology certificates (STCs) that solar PV systems may be eligible for.

We have updated the Small generation unit STC calculator to reflect the upcoming deeming period decrease and help you calculate the number of STCs, that a system may be eligible for, from 2019 to 2030.

We closely monitor all installation dates for claimed STCs to ensure the correct deeming period is applied. It is important to remember that the provision of false and/or misleading information is an offence under the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000. STCs which have been improperly created will be failed and subject to enforcement and/or administrative action.

Please visit our website for more information regarding expected capabilities and standards for agents and document and eligibility requirements for STC creation.

Yours sincerely

REC Registry

Year solar (PV) system installed Deeming Period in years
2020 11
2021 10
2022 9
2023 8
2024 7
2025 6
2026 5
2027 4
2028 3
2029 2
2030 1