source: Clean Energy Regulator

China Sunergy (Nanjing) Co Ltd panels delisted from the Clean Energy Council's approved PV modules list

As at Tuesday 6 August 2019, all solar panels from China Sunergy (Nanjing) Co Ltd (CSUN) were removed from the Clean Energy Council's (CEC) approved PV modules list.

CSUN panels were delisted as the serial numbers used did not allow identification of the place of manufacture, and connectors used differ from those advised on the datasheet.

The following modules have been delisted:













(Panel Certification dates of 12/03/2019 – 06/08/2019)

Eligibility for Small-scale technology certificates (STCs) using CSUN panels

At this stage, systems installed with CSUN modules after 6 August 2019 do not meet the eligibility requirements for creation and will not be eligible for STCs. Existing installations performed prior to this date will still be eligible for STCs.

All STC applications using CSUN panels will undergo additional scrutiny to ensure the validity of the installation date.

Agent responsibilities

The Clean Energy Regulator expects agents to:

  • apply extra compliance checks on CSUN panel installations, in particular confirming the date of installation
  • update their compliance systems and controls in response to this change
  • ensure that your clients are aware of any CSUN panels they may have in stock and that STCs cannot be claimed using these panels at this stage

The Clean Energy Regulator takes fraud and non-compliance seriously and takes necessary action to ensure the integrity of the scheme.

It is important to remember that the provision of false or misleading information is an offence under the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000. Certificates created in contravention of the legislation, including the use of solar panels that are not eligible at the time of installation, may expose the agent to prosecution or civil proceedings.