Source: CER

Release of new Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme eligibility information - replacement panels

The Clean Energy Regulator has developed a new framework to help current and potential solar PV participants to determine their eligibility to participate in the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES).

The eligibility framework provides comprehensive information and useful scenarios that make it easier for current and potential participants to assess their eligibility.

Systems for which one, some or all panels have been replaced, and have previously received small-scale technology certificates for the entitlement period, will not be eligible to receive additional small-scale technology certificates. In some instances, small-scale technology certificates were previously issued for replacement panels. As some participants may have scheduled or quoted work before this guidance was released, applications for replacement panels will still be considered for small-scale technology certificates for installations up to 31 January 2018, subject to all other requirements being satisfied.

It is important that current and potential solar PV participants are clear on the eligibility requirements, particularly for expanded systems. If you are expanding a system, you may need to replace or upgrade a number of the components of your system to participate in the SRES.

You should carefully consider your options, and compare the benefits and complete costs of installing a new or expanded system, including factors like electrical wiring upgrades, compliance with current standards, and operating efficiency. Make sure you ask about any hidden costs associated with any changes or upgrades to an existing system.

You should also consider potential impacts on feed-in tariffs for any changes to solar installations on your dwelling. You should contact your electricity retailer, and State or Territory Government, to provide you with further information on the impacts of feed-in tariff eligibility for your system.

For more information about eligibility to participate in the SRES visit the Small-scale systems eligible for certificates page on the Clean Energy Regulator website.