Accredited renewable energy power stations are entitled to create large-scale generation certificates based on the amount of eligible renewable electricity they produce above their baseline. As a guide, one large-scale generation certificate is equal to one megawatt hour of eligible renewable electricity.

Once created and validated, these certificates act as a form of currency and can be sold and transferred to other individuals and businesses at a negotiated price. Large-scale generation certificates are usually sold to liable entities (electricity retailers), who are required to surrender a set number of certificates to the Clean Energy Regulator each year.

Power Station Eligibility

A power station may be eligible for accreditation under the Large-scale Renewable Energy Target if it meets all the eligibility requirements outlined in the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000, including:

  • some, or all of the electricity generated by the power station is from an eligible energy source, and
  • it complies with all Commonwealth, state, territory and local government planning and approval laws.

Applicants must provide relevant documentation to demonstrate compliance at the time their application for accreditation is lodged with the Clean Energy Regulator.

Whether you generate electricity to feed into the national electricity grid, for use by a business or factory, or for consumption within the power station itself—you are eligible to apply for large-scale generation certificates.

Eligible energy sources

To participate under the Large-scale Renewable Energy Target, power stations must generate electricity from eligible natural resources such as the sun, wind, ocean waves and the tide, geothermal-aquifers, wood waste, agricultural waste, bagasse (sugar cane waste), black liquor (a by-product of the paper-making process), or landfill gas.

Approved meters

Renewable energy power stations that operate in the national electricity market (NEM) must use NEM standard metering. If a power station is not in the NEM it must use approved metering that allows the Clean Energy Regulator to determine the amount of eligible electricity generated by the power station.

How can Trade In Green help?

Trade In Green is a registered Agent under the Renewable Energy Target Scheme. With LGCs we can provide you with step by step guides to assist with the registration and accreditation of the power station and the trading of the LGCs as they are created

If you already have a power station and are creating LGCs, Trade In Green purchase registered LGCs. If you have registered LGCs please contact us for a price

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