For STC Business Customers Only

To stream line the STC processing, and maintain your record keeping, register with our FormBay STC Online Platform which enables you to:

  • Maintain all your STC paperwork
  • Complete STC paperwork online
  • Complete STC paperwork through iPhone and Android phone
  • Monitor registration and payments
  • Validate panel serial numbers to ensure they are genuine
  • Much more

STC Processing Business Registration

To set your business up for online STC processing the 1st step is to register your business on the following link. (By registering you are bound by Trade In Green terms and conditions for STC forms lodged).

FormBay Business Registration & Log-On


For Installers to Register for iPhone and Android Use

Once you have registered your business through the above link the next step is for each of your installers to register to use the FormBay Solar App. This is done by:

  1. Downloading the FormBay Solar App to their smart phone
  2. Then registering on the App

FormBay Solar App for Apple

FormBay Solar App for Android

All Done!!

Now you just:

  • Set your jobs up through the FormBay business account in the office and assign the installers
  • Installers will see the jobs in their App.
  • Installers onsite scan the panel serials (which allows panel serials to be validated under the Solar Panel Validation scheme, take photos and sign the job off with the customer). Installer then submit the job through the App back to the business account
  • Office check the jobs then  submit to Trade In Green

Solar Panel Validation Information